Gustavo Zarini

Degree: Ph.D. in Dietetics and Nutrition

College/School: Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work

When Gustavo Zarini completed his bachelor’s degree in dietetics and nutrition in Argentina, he realized he reached a ceiling. If he wanted to pursue a career in the field, he would have to leave his home of Buenos Aires to find advanced research programs elsewhere. He chose FIU’s Stempel College and arrived in Miami in 2002 to start his master’s with support from Fatma Huffman, chair of the department. He is the first in his family to attend college, live in the U.S. and earn a Ph.D.

Gustavo started his doctoral work in 2012 and has co-authored more than 30 articles in top journals. He has researched diabetes, cardiovascular disease and vitamin D deficiency in underrepresented minority populations for the past 12 years. He knows they have the most urgent health needs and he is proud to have contributed to their quality of life through his studies.

After graduation, Gustavo will continue doing research. He wants to stay in South Florida and hopes to continue working at FIU.

By Galena Mosovich