Instructions on Registering for your Ceremony

Did you know Applying for Graduation and Registering for Commencement are different?

Applying for Graduation and Registering for Commencement are two different steps! While all students graduate, choosing to attend Commencement is optional and has its own registration process.

The online system to register for Summer 2024 Commencement Ceremonies and order guest tickets is NOT currently live. Please stay tuned for updates

Please note you are NOT guaranteed a spot until you register.

Ceremonies are at a limited capacity and tickets are at first come, first served basis.

Please note securing your 2 complimentary tickets does not automatically secure your 3 additional tickets for purchase. For more information please CLICK HERE.

You can confirm your attendance by registering on your FIU portal during the registration period. 

We highly encourage that students purchase tickets only through your FIU portal. FIU is not liable for tickets purchased through other sources that may not work on your ceremony date. 

How to register for your ceremony and order your Guest Tickets:

Step 1: Login to your FIU Portal and select "Academic Records." 


Step 2: On the drop down menu, select "Order Commencement Tickets". 


Step 3: Select your program and confirm your attendance to the commencement ceremony. The selection will be pre-populated for you based on your college. 



Step 4: After confirming your attendance, you may choose to purchase your tickets. Please note, you have a total of 5 available tickets. Your commencement pass does not count as a ticket. You do not need a ticket as a graduate. You may claim 2 for free and purchase a total of 3 additional tickets for $15 each.



Step 5: After you order your tickets, you will be able to view a final confirmation and print your guest tickets. Your pass must be picked up at the Commencement Fairs. 


Re-Print Your Tickets:

Login to your FIU Portal, click Academic Records and select "Print Commencement Tickets" in the drop down menu. 


 For more information on Guest Tickets and how to obtain your commencment pass please CLICK HERE.