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Upcoming Commencements


Summer Class of 2022, we are so excited to reveal the details of all our Summer Commencement activities soon! 

Tentative dates for Summer commencement have been set for July 30th-August 4th. We are returning to the Ocean Bank Convocation Center, which allows for a much smaller capacity of students and guests per ceremony. At this moment, the graduation application deadline is May 29th. Once the application deadline closes, we will be able to determine an accurate schedule based on the number of graduates for summer.

We ask that you continuously monitor for any updates and additional information. We thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Congratulations, Panthers!


The Commencement Team

Commencement Ceremonies

The Commencement Ceremonies will take place at the Ocean Bank Convocation Center  on our beautiful MMC campus over the span of four to five days.

The ceremonies will be college-specific. 


Why Attend Commencement

You're finally ready to graduate after years of tests, group projects and late night study sessions. All your hard work deserves recognition.

Commencement is the moment you've been waiting for. This is your chance to celebrate with your supporters, family, friends, professors or fellow graduates. It's your time to shine — you don't want to miss it.

Experience Commencement

Summer 2022 Commencement Events

  • TBD

Please ensure you are monitoring your student email for any updates. 

Show Us Your Outstanding Students

The Real Triumphs Graduates (formerly Worlds Ahead Graduates) are students who have distinguished themselves through research, entrepreneurship, service, perseverance, or otherwise exceptional efforts.

FERPA Notice For Graduating Students

If you currently have a FERPA restriction on your records you will be excluded from the Commencement Booklet and any Commencement Ceremonies (virtual and/or in-person).  If you wish to be included, you must remove your FERPA restriction online through your MyFIU account.  Click here for instructions on how to release your FERPA restriction. 

 If you do not remove your FERPA restriction by the deadline you will NOT be listed in the Commencement Booklet or be able to attend the virtual or in-person commencement ceremony.