Nominate a Real Triumphs Graduate

Each commencement ceremony, FIU honors select individuals for their extraordinary academic, professional, and personal achievements as they graduate from FIU. The Real Triumphs Graduate honor is bestowed upon students in good standing who have unique accomplishments that show excellence, perseverance, and impact. These graduates must show unparalleled tenacity, talent, and commitment, as well as exceptional performance in and outside the classroom. By telling the Real Triumphs Graduates’ stories, we celebrate our the collective success of our students and the university.

What makes a graduate a Real Triumph?

Examples of a Real Triumphs Graduate are:

  • Brilliant grads who went above and beyond their educational requirement to participate in groundbreaking research or projects
  • Entrepreneurial grads who have started their own business, launched their own product, or otherwise innovated in the business world
  • Acclaimed grads who have earned special recognition for their work or service
  • Engaged grads who put their skills to good use to solve real-world problems
  • Tenacious grads who endured hardship or struggles to get where they are today

Who can nominate graduates for the Real Triumphs recognition at commencement?

Only FIU faculty, advisors, and staff may nominate a student they believe is deserving of recognition. Self-nominations and nominations from students or non-FIU employees are not accepted. A student may receive nominations from multiple employees; however, the number of nominations does not impact the selection process.

Nominations should be succinct and speak to the unique accomplishments of the student.

Who is eligible for the Real Triumphs Graduate recognition?

FIU students graduating with a degree (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, Specialist, J.D., M.D. etc.) and who are in good standing. The nominee’s standing with the university will be reviewed upon receipt of a digital signed FERPA release. The submission of a signed FERPA Release form does not guarantee that the student will be selected as a Real Triumphs Graduate.  

Students considered to be selected as Real Triumphs Graduates are also required to sign a Media Release form authorizing the university to use audio, video and photography for promotional, recruiting, advertising and any commercial or non-commercial use.

Upon verification that the nominee is in good standing, the student is required to attend the college’s commencement ceremony in person.

What are the benefits of being selected as a Real Triumphs Graduate?

Real Triumphs Graduates join a select circle of accomplished students who are recognized by the university’s president during their commencement ceremony and on the university’s website and social media. Select Real Triumphs Graduates may also be featured in videos, press releases and other print and digital outlets.

There is no monetary award given to Real Triumphs Graduates.

What is the Real Triumphs Graduate nomination and selection process?

Each semester, the Commencement Committee issues a call for Real Triumphs Graduates nominations to all FIU faculty and staff. Nominations must be submitted online by the deadline stated in the call for nominations.

A committee of university representatives will select nominees, who must complete and submit the FERPA release and Media Release forms promptly. Then, the nominees’ student records will be reviewed to confirm that they are in good standing. Once validated, the nominations are submitted to the Provost and the President for final approval.

Those students selected as Real Triumphs Graduates, as well as their nominator(s), will be notified via email.