Danielle Young

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration, Information Systems/Business Analytics

College: College of Business

Danielle Young developed an interest in cybersecurity early on in her college career. Her passion grew as one of her professors passionately described cybersecurity, how it works and how it is used.

When she arrived at FIU from her native Jamaica, Danielle joined the cybersecurity team at Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the largest student-led organization for technology at the university. She took part in the SparkDev program, designed to give students a chance to participate in hands-on projects in various STEM fields, and with her team members decided to develop and implement a cybersecurity project concept. Danielle, who lives on campus, easily identified a problem: spotty Wi-Fi.

The tech-intensive project examined the most popular digital hotspots on campus, those that draw the most internet traffic, highest cell phone use, and most Wi-Fi connections. The data gathered was presented to project sponsors including Microsoft.

Intent on keeping her focus on cybersecurity, Danielle is part of the ATOM Pink Tank, a program designed to increase the number of women pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. She is currently on the lookout for internship opportunities and plans to continue her education in a few years.

Cynthia Corzo
Assistant Director, Media Relations and Communications
College of Business