Andy Ruiz Canal

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

College/School: College of Business

Andy Ruiz Canal left everything behind when he came to Miami from Cuba in 2015 in pursuit of the American dream, including his studies in accounting and finance at the University of Havana. Andy at first only knew how to say “hello” in English and so he focused on learning the language. When he had a handle on that, he sought out mentors who could shed light on the educational system in America so he could continue his studies, driven by his passion for accounting.

Someone directed him to FIU, and Andy enrolled in core courses as he continued to improve his English. Having only known the schooling in Havana, he was immediately blown away by FIU’s accounting department.

He thrived on campus. While maintaining dean’s list honors throughout, Andy landed an internship in the international tax department at Kaufman Rossin. He balanced his course work with a 40-hour-a-week internship (working even longer hours during the tax season).

Andy, 26, has not only accepted a full-time job offer from Kaufman Rossin that he will start after graduation, but he will begin his graduate studies in FIU’s Master of Accounting Taxation program. He feels grateful to FIU for helping him achieve his American dream.

By Lauren Comander
College of Business