Trevor Hansen

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

College/School: Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs

It’s better to give than to receive. That is Trevor Hansen’s guiding philosophy.

Trevor faced various setbacks earlier in life, being expelled from his middle school and dropping out of high school. After finding his Christian faith, things changed for him. Trevor went back to his studies and received his GED. He earned his associate degree and served twice as student government president at Broward College.

At FIU, Trevor took a course with mentor, Iqbal Akhtar, assistant professor of Islamic studies and politics and international relations. Trevor was particularly inspired when, during one of Akhtar’s lectures, he learned of Pope Francis’ words encouraging professionals to incorporate a social perspective into any career.

With support from Akhtar and Akhtar’s wife – Zafreen Jaffery, who works at the Children’s Trust – Trevor volunteered through numerous programs and rediscovered a buried dream of his: to work with youth.

As part of Read-to-a-Child, he visited Coral Way Elementary once a week to help a 7-year old boy improve his reading skills. He participated in neighborhood unification projects in Liberty City through the Miami Children’s Initiative. Currently, Trevor is training to become a volunteer panelist for Florida Foster Care Review.

Because of these opportunities, Trevor found his passion.

He will begin his master’s degree in social work at FIU this fall. He hopes to one day start an organization that would provide housing and schooling to children in foster care.

By Gisela Valencia