Tiffany Gomez

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

College/School: School of Integrated Science and Humanity; College of Arts, Sciences & Education

Tiffany Gomez and her twin sister, Eileen, lost their mother at the age of 4 and were raised by their father. For a single dad raising two girls and managing his own bakery, life was busy. But being part of a tight-knit Cuban household, they had the support of the twins’ grandparents. When it came time for college, Tiffany and her sister decided to stay close to home and attend FIU.

Tragically, their father was diagnosed with a terminal illness in the fall of 2012. Determined to keep their father’s business afloat and preserve his legacy, the twins became bakers, business owners and caretakers while still pursuing their college degrees. Tiffany’s day at the bakery started at 4 a.m., often after a night of little or no sleep, staying up with her father to keep him as comfortable as possible. In January 2014, her father passed away and Tiffany was more determined than ever to complete her bachelor’s degree in psychology.

The pursuit of this degree has not been easy. Tiffany still grieves for her father. Focusing on school while running a business full time has been a challenge. But to her, this diploma is a promise to her dad and will forever be a reminder to never give up.

After graduation, Tiffany will concentrate on making improvements to the bakery and continue to build a business her father would be proud of.