Alanna Barlow

Degree: Bachelor’s in Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communications

School: School of Communication + Journalism

Colleges: College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts / Honors College

Long before Alanna Barlow fell in love with the diversity at FIU, she struggled with self-love and her identity. Growing up in a predominately white elementary school in Jacksonville, FL, where she was one of two black girls in her class, Alanna was bullied and felt isolated from her peers. The bullying turned into an identity crisis, but once in college, her focus on her education and extra-curricular activities turned her prospects around.

A part of the Honors College, Alanna decided to major in journalism and quickly immersed herself in campus life. By the end of her freshman year, she became involved in various groups around campus such as the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and Disciples on Campus. As a singer, Alanna tapped into her musical passion and became the winner of the FIU Blaze the Stage competition in 2019.

During her journey within the School of Communication + Journalism (SCJ), she decided to change majors to public relations, advertising, and applied communication.

Alanna credits her Christian faith in helping her find her path. After graduation, she plans to become a restorative social justice attorney to help people who have been wrongfully convicted. She has always had an interest in law and was able to attend an invite-only Law and Advocacy camp at Georgetown University. She credits the popular and critically acclaimed Netflix film, “When They See Us,” as the inspiration behind her passion for restorative justice.

By Zion Sealy
Junior Account Manager
College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts