Adriana Ruiz

Degree: Bachelor of Music

College/School: College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts

Adriana Ruiz’s interest in music dates back to her childhood in Santiago, Cuba. At seven, she began playing the piano and fell in love with the beauty of music.

At 18, she completed her studies in voice and choral conducting at the Conservatory of Music Esteban Salas and joined the distinguished Cuban choir Orfeón Santiago. Adriana realized her true passion was singing and she developed a specific interest in Renaissance and Baroque vocal music.

Among Adriana’s numerous awards and recognitions, she won the French Song Contest in Havana in 2003, which gave her the opportunity to perform in Paris on several occasions. She also has performed throughout Europe and the Caribbean.

In 2007, Adriana and her husband immigrated to the United States and moved to Louisville, Kentucky. This move was difficult for Adriana, who did not yet speak English. The couple eventually returned to Miami.

Adriana began studying music at New World School of the Arts but wanted to join FIU’s early music program. She earned her place at FIU through an audition, but shortly before her first semester, her grandmother passed away in Cuba. Adriana credits her grandmother as being the person who ignited her passion for music. In honor of her grandmother, Adriana pursued her dream and completed the program.

Recently, she was chosen by Early Music America as an Emergent Artist and performed in the Bloomington Early Music Festival. Adriana is teaching herself to play the harp and plans to pursue a master’s degree in early music at Indiana University.

By Alyse Mier
Junior Public Relations Associate, Office of Media Relations