Guillianny Rebolledo

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

College/School: College of Business

Guillianny Rebolledo wanted a really delicious frozen treat, so she invented one.

Guillianny and a business partner established Yummii last year, and now they are selling their healthy, organic iced fruit bars at Hollywood’s Yellow Green Farmers Market and providing them to private and corporate events. The international business and management major expects to grow that business, while beginning graduate school in the fall.

Her family, including 3-year-old son, Adrian, is her inspiration. Some family members, including great-grandmother Mercedes Baños de Parada, are traveling from the family’s native Colombia for Guillianny’s graduation.

It’s for him, Guillianny said, that she enrolled in the demanding Professional Bachelor of Business Administration program, while also working as an office manager at Image Pro International. As he grows up, she said, he can see first-hand how far hard work, determination and education can take someone. She credits Assistant Professor Jose Rocha for mentoring her, guiding her in writing a business plan and presentation and urging her and her fellow students to reach for the stars.

By Karen-Janine Cohen
Writer, College of Business