Eddy Alfonso Maqueira

Spring 2023 Real Triumphs Graduate

Degree: Ph.D. in Biochemistry

School: Integrated Science and Humanity

College: Arts, Sciences & Education

An inquisitive student from a young age, Eddy Alfonso Maqueira’s love for science has proven to be his key for success.

Born in Cuba, Eddy made the most of the limited opportunities he was given on the island. After completing his bachelor’s degree and with the help of one of his professors, he continued his education in Mexico City. There, he obtained his master’s degree in biochemistry and first published work. But Eddy was far from finished. He set his sights on Miami and FIU, where the culture felt like home.

During his time at FIU, he has taken on research in bacterial DNA gyrase that could improve treatments for many bacterial diseases. This work has been published in Chemistry Europe and ACS Pharmacology and Translational Science, even landing the cover of a recent issue. He has also added inventor to his resume while at FIU, acquiring a provisional patent along with a collaborator for Bacterial DNA Gyrase Inhibitors and Methods of Use Thereof. He presented his work at the 2022 Gordon Research Conference on DNA Topoisomerases in Biology and Medicine.

Eddy graduates with his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and plans to find an opportunity to provide his expertise and continue his research to one day make a difference in medications around the world.

Nathalie Medina
Junior Account Manager
College of Arts, Sciences & Education