Hailey Conboy

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

College/School: Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs

When Hailey Conboy would introduce herself in class, she would say she wanted to be a police officer. People thought she was joking.

With an outgoing personality and 10 years of experience as a competitive cheerleader, she didn’t seem to fit into some of her classmates’ ideas of what a law enforcement officer looked like. But she knew that she had the talent, the dedication and the grit to make a difference in her community. She set out to prove it.

Often working three or four jobs at a time to support herself, she became the Jack D. Gordon Institute’s collegiate outreach intern. She also earned a certificate in national security studies and participated in the institute’s prestigious fellowship program.

To serve others, she organized a food drive, encouraging colleagues, students and friends to donate food during Thanksgiving and the holiday months.

She has been on FIU’s cheerleading team since her freshman year. Her athlete mentality has influenced her attitude toward life: Work hard to get what you want.

Hailey realized she could make the greatest impact by pursuing a career in the national security field. She has had multiple job offers from the national security community and is ready to continue making a difference in the lives of others after graduation.

By Gisela Valencia
Junior Account Manager, Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs