Dorysped Mancebo

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

College/School: Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs

Dorysped Mancebo was 14 years old when her life changed. One day she could see. The next day, she had lost her sight completely due to a condition called coloboma, which creates a hole in parts of the eye.

She decided she would not let this define her – or limit her dreams.

She refused to go to school for blind children and graduated with the highest GPA in her high school class. Originally from the Dominican Republic, she moved to Miami to pursue higher education. She began at Broward College and then transferred to FIU.

Dorysped spends seven to eight hours roundtrip from her home in Broward County to FIU. Many other schools are closer to her home, but Dorysped says, sometimes the heart tells you where to go. And her heart brought her to FIU – where she has always felt at home.

Continually seeking to learn more and be active in her community, Dorysped is a force to reckon with. She works at Broward College as a language tutor. She studies numerous fields including French, language interpretation studies and Portuguese.

In 2018, she interned at the Miami Dade Public Library System, teaching Spanish to adults. She currently interns at the Broward County Courthouse, focusing on interpretation services for those who have limited English proficiency.

After graduation, her goal is to attend FIU College of Law and become an immigration lawyer – a lawyer at heart ready to serve others.

By Gisela Valencia
Junior Account Manager, Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs