Mariluz Soula

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and Bachelor of Arts in English

College/School: School of Environment, Arts and Society, College of Arts, Sciences & Education

Mariluz Soula’s inquisitive childhood spirit has shaped the woman she is today. Her curiosity for science led her to pursue a career in biomedical research. 

Under the guidance of FIU geneticist Alexander Agoulnik and funded by the MARC U*STAR program, her research focused on finding a treatment for fibrotic diseases, including liver cirrhosis, chronic kidney disease and uterine fibroids.

Born to immigrant parents in Miami, Mariluz and her two older sisters are first-generation college students. Mariluz is graduating debt-free after earning degrees in biology and English, a third major in interdisciplinary studies, a minor in chemistry, and a certificate in women’s and gender studies.  

Mariluz, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Exceptional Research Opportunities Program fellow, has made the most of her time at FIU. She has been a Peer-Led Team Learning instructor, Relay for Life committee member and STEM Saturday facilitator. As the Quantifying Biology in the Classroom Club President, she helped organize the Women in Science Seminar at FIU to advocate for equality in STEM fields.

She has also excelled academically. She made the dean’s list every semester and received multiple scholarships including the FIU Presidential Scholarship. Mariluz is first co-author on an article published in the Journal of Endocrine Society and is co-author on another published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry and several pending manuscripts.

After graduation, Mariluz will be pursuing a Ph.D. in biomedical science at The Rockefeller University. She plans to research cancer metabolism and mechanisms of disease.

By Ayleen Barbel-Fattal
Account Manager, College of Arts, Sciences & Education