Karley Chynces

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

College/School: College of Business

Entrepreneurship, now a driving force in her life, took Karley Chynces by surprise. One day she decided to attend a weekend StartUP FIU program. Karley remembers being one of the youngest students there – scared and not knowing what to expect.

At StartUP, Karley learned what a start-up is.

Determined to launch a business, she spent the next year praying for an idea, something that would positively impact a lot of people. She read books about how to start a business and practiced writing business plans, but she had no business to plan.

As she and her friends commiserated about college expenses and the need for spending money, Karley got an idea – an app where FIU students can buy or sell everything they use at school. 

And so Etc. became a start-up.

Karley credits her membership in the American Marketing Association (AMA) at FIU with opening the door to entrepreneurship as well as driving her leadership skills.

Every time she heard about a competition or new opportunities Karley would sign up. She describes falling into the world of entrepreneurship without even realizing it.

After graduation, Karley will devote herself to launching the Etc. app in the fall, as well as building and marketing the brand. She’s also going to work closely with FIU students, providing internships and job opportunities at Etc.

By Cynthia Corzo
Assistant Director, Media Relations and Communications, College of Business