Mariela Quan

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

College/School: School of Environment, Arts and Society; College of Arts, Sciences & Education

Mariela was diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age, enduring a lifetime of seizures and hospitalizations.

As a result of the neurological condition, she has suffered severe memory loss and struggles with short-term memory. Mariela carries around a heavy book bag with several notebooks — one to log her seizures, one with a list of her day-to-day routine, and one where she takes notes on conversations with people so she doesn’t forget what they talked about.

Through it all, Mariela has persisted, one class at a time, to earn her degree. She works with staff at the university’s Center for Academic Success and Center for Excellence in Writing. She works closely with her professors.

When many would have given up, Mariela has worked hard to finish what she started almost 20 years ago. She is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies. Her goal is to find a career working with children.