Jack Zaryckyj

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

College/School: Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Jack Zaryckyj has overcome extraordinary obstacles in every aspect of his life, even physically, to accomplish his goals.

Over eight years ago, Jack began the physical transition from female to male. The long journey has included changing jobs and schools in three different states, each time facing new surroundings, bigotry and close-mindedness. Jack has persevered in the face of violent slurs, ridicule and fear to come into his own as a man, a husband and now, a nurse.

For Jack, growing up a girl in a small New Hampshire town came with more anxiety than it should for any child. Not fitting in and being considered different was an uphill battle that only increased as a teenager. When he had come out as a lesbian, he faced hostility that caused him to drop out of high school in junior year. Determined to finish, he resumed at a small school nearby and graduated, even through the difficult and sudden loss of his mother.

Jack, who previously never shared his story outside of his circle of loved ones, now prides himself on being a voice for anyone who has ever silenced themselves in fear of rejection or lack of understanding.

After graduation, Jack plans to move to Portland, OR with his wife and two dogs to pursue his nursing career and be closer to family.