Inaugural Clinical Psychology Cohort

Members: Maya Boustani, Kathleen Crum, Ryan Hill, Gabriela Hungerford, Michael Meinzer

Degree: Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology

College/School: College of Arts, Sciences & Education; School of Integrated Science and Humanity

In the fall of 2010, a group of students with diverse backgrounds and interests arrived at FIU from around the United States to enroll in the brand new Clinical Science Program in Child and Adolescent Psychology.

The program is one of a handful in the country specializing in developmental psychopathology with emphasis on cultural diversity, adaptation, coping and resilience as it relates to access, quality and impact of mental health care. After meeting the rigorous requirements of the American Psychological Association, the program earned full accreditation in January of this year, thanks in part to the contributions of its first cohort.

Maya Boustani, Kathleen Crum, Ryan Hill, Gabbi Hungerford and Michael Meinzer are all remarkable scholars. Under the guidance of faculty mentors—including Dan Bagner, Jonathan Comer, Jami Furr, Jeremy Pettit and Stacy Frazier—these students conducted groundbreaking research in technology-based interventions for the treatment of anxiety disorders, co-occurring ADHD and depression in adolescents, childhood aggression, prevention of adolescent risky behaviors, pediatric neuropsychology and traumatic brain injury. They have published articles in the most prestigious journals in the field, presented at national conferences and secured federal funding to support their research.

Each has accepted an offer for a post-doctoral fellowship or faculty position, and they will soon be leaving us for Texas, Maryland, Nebraska, UCLA and Harvard. This inaugural cohort is well positioned to advance science in child mental health and contribute to expanding the availability of and access to effective treatment for those who need it most.