Ian Jones

Degree: Ph.D. in Biological Sciences

College/School: School of Environment, Arts and Society; College of Arts, Sciences & Education

Born in London, Ian Jones earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the United Kingdom and then enrolled at FIU to pursue a Ph.D. in biological sciences.

As a doctoral student in Suzanne Koptur’s Plant Ecology Lab, he has proven himself as an excellent researcher and teacher. His doctoral research is dedicated to understanding the interactions between plants and insects, including ants, butterflies and caterpillars, and how these interactions are influenced by people and the environment. Ian has published five peer-reviewed papers and given numerous presentations. He has twice been recognized with the “Best Student Presentation” award by the Botanical Society of America, one of the world’s largest societies devoted to the study of plants and related organisms.

He also taught undergraduate courses through FIU’s Quantifying Biology in the Classroom, a program for students interested in taking a more in-depth approach to studying biology.

Upon graduation, Ian will join the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a researcher. He is dedicating his career to contributing knowledge that allows human populations to grow while minimizing their impacts on the environment.