Susana Fuertes

Degree: Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

School: Landon Undergraduate School of Business

College: School of Business

Memories and her grandmother’s inspiration drove Susana Fuertes’ entrepreneurial spirit. Barely three months after opening the doors of “Enamor Creations” a Floral Art Boutique & Art Gallery, COVID-19 forced Susana to convert the storefront into an online business.

Susana asked herself how she would move forward. In need of money to hire someone to build a website and the need to market her business, Susana took matters into her own hands and decided to major in business at FIU.

Susana started the online undergraduate marketing program. In search of experience and mentorship, she joined the International Business Honor Society and became the sales director of its Bandhwari Women’s Project in 2020. At the American Marketing Association, she was a community service director and worked with local non-profits. She also managed the social media accounts of local entrepreneurs.

Susana’s approach, and her recommendation to fellow FIU students, is to treat problems as exciting puzzles to solve and remain persistent and consistent.

Susana will begin the master's program for research design and analysis this spring and recently submitted a Fulbright Scholarship application. If she wins, Susana will conduct her research proposal - "Analyzing Pathways of Creating Sustainable and Effective Incubators for Woman Entrepreneurs" in the Kingdom of Bahrain – from September 2023 through June 2024.

Looking ahead, Susana plans to launch a marketing agency.

Cynthia Corzo
Associate Director, Media Relations and Communications
College of Business