Sharvin Sarabjit

Degree: Master of Business Administration

School: Chapman Graduate School of Business

College: College of Business

Despite numerous health and life challenges, including helping his family, Sharvin Sarabjit has never stopped preparing for his next professional move. Now an electro-mechanical engineer in the Miami Cancer Institute at Baptist Hospital Sharvin hopes his MBA will provide new growth opportunities.

In 2011, after spending five years in the U.S. Navy, Sharvin moved to Florida and obtained his bachelor’s at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Then he began work as a field service technician working on security equipment at Miami International Airport.

When his father died four years later in Guyana, Sharvin went home to help his mother and siblings, running his dad’s businesses which were struggling due to the political and economic situation in the country at the time. Several years later, Sharvin was diagnosed with a stage-four brain tumor and decided to return to Miami for surgery and treatment.

After successfully completing treatment, he returned to work but failed to secure a management position. It was then he decided to obtain an MBA and registered for the Professional MBA Online at FIU.

Juggling remotely managing a business in Guyana, operating an import/export company in Miami, a rotating work schedule and monthly travel overseas at Baptist, and newborn while taking classes made it difficult to balance everything.

Now, diploma in hand, he will be ready for his next professional opportunity, hopefully transitioning into a management role.

Cynthia Corzo
Associate Director, Media Relations and Communications
College of Business