Jacqueline Mendez

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

College: College of Arts, Sciences & Education (Honors College), School of Education and Human Development

Jacqueline Mendez’s little brother came into her life by adoption. She noticed his speech was delayed for a two-year-old and worked with him to increase his verbal skills. Today, her brother is above average in his oral communications skills – and Jacqueline’s experience helping him sparked her passion for education and research. 

Although Jacqueline began college as a journalism major, she decided to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education after seeing the transformation in her brother. As part of the Advanced Research and Creativity in Honors Program, Jacqueline worked with teaching and learning Professor Jacqueline Lynch on a research study about adult literacy, specifically focusing on adults in Miami-Dade County who are struggling with literacy but are trying to learn.  

The lack of research in the adult literacy field motivates her to continue with her studies. Jacqueline hopes the education field adopts a more holistic approach to learning and one that puts students and learners first. She plans to do her part by becoming a speech language pathologist and an advocate for students with disabilities. 

By Christine Calvo  
Junior Account Manager 
College of Arts, Sciences & Education