Diego Cardenas

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Natural and Applied Sciences

College: College of Arts, Sciences & Education (Honors College), School of Environment, Arts and Society

When met with adversity, Diego Cardenas faces it with curiosity instead of fear. For Diego, this trait emerged at a young age, when he asked himself why he was underdeveloped compared to his friends. Determined to find answers, Diego finally learned what was happening with his body after several doctor’s visits, sparking his interest in the medical field.  

At FIU, Diego focused on his studies and serving his community. For more than five years, he has volunteered with Blue Missions, a clean water charity and non-profit dedicated to connecting rural communities to clean water. He was also a Shield America Now volunteer during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, where he built and delivered PPE to hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities in need. In May 2021, Diego was selected as vice president of Once a Month Miami, a non-profit focused on helping homeless women.   

As an FIU Honors College student, Diego conducted undergraduate research under the guidance of FIU professor of psychology Nadja Schreiber Compo. He worked as a research assistant in Compo’s Investigative Interviewing Lab, which is focused on bias in investigative interviewing, to improve his scientific writing and data analysis skills.   

After graduation, Diego will prepare for the MCAT and continue working in the Investigative Interviewing Lab and at Baptist Hospital, where he assists the patient and surgical team. Diego believes mental health should be at the forefront of patient care and hopes to become a psychiatrist to one day end the stigma surrounding mental health.  

By Christine Calvo  
Junior Account Manager  
College of Arts, Sciences & Education