Nour Elsayad

Degree: Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering

College/School: College of Engineering & Computing

Nour Elsayad turned a childhood interest in electronics into a life of research that could result in more efficient, cost-effective systems and devices.

Nour grew up in Cairo, Egypt, the son of an electrical engineering professor. Nour earned a master’s degree in hardware design from Ain Shams University and joined the Egyptian space program as a power electronics engineer, designing power subsystems for satellites and solar arrays. 

At FIU, his research focused on making power converters more lightweight, along with other projects with his mentor Professor Osama Mohammed for the Office of Naval Research and the U.S. Department of Energy. Nour has designed a number of novel power converters for renewable energy systems and electric vehicles that give them a longer range and reduce costs by being more lightweight and efficient. 

He also holds four patents with Professor Mohammed. They’ve invented converters that make power systems on electric vehicles and various energy back-up systems more efficient.

Nour has published 20 conference papers and authored or co-authored 10 articles in top peer-reviewed electrical engineering journals. A mentor, he has been a teacher’s assistant, helped students with their senior projects and participated as a judge for the National Engineers Week Future City Competition.

After graduation, Nour will work as a senior research and development engineer in Andover, Massachusetts at the R&D center for Schneider Electric, a leader in electrical power engineering. There, he will be working on backup systems for the power grid in case of blackouts.

By Millie Acebal
Director of Marketing & Communications
College of Engineering & Computing