Price Destinobles

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

College/School: Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management

As Price Destinobles says: “Sometimes, God puts some of us through things that we may not understand. Not to punish us, but to prepare us for our futures.”

Price knows this better than most. When he was four years old, he lost contact with his father. Then, when he was 13, his mother was incarcerated for five years. Classified as an unaccompanied youth by the state, Price found refuge with his aunt in North Miami.

These were dark, lonely times. Temptations to do the wrong thing surrounded him. Price knew that complaining or self-pity wouldn’t change his situation. He faced a crossroads.

A path to a better future came through his involvement in programs like Project Up-Start and the 5000 Role Models of Excellence, which offer mentorship, guidance, and educational assistance to young, minority men. These programs were a source of encouragement and strengthened his determination to succeed. Price finished high school with a 4.5 GPA.

At FIU, Price has continued to excel academically and personally. He received the full-tuition Carnival Gold Scholars award. Price also served as president of FIU's Disciples on Campus Christian Club and as a manager for the men's basketball team. He took on more leadership and mentoring roles with Fostering Panther Pride, Golden Scholars, and the Hospitality Student Leadership Council.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in three years, he plans to graduate with a master’s degree in hospitality management next year, as part of the Chaplin School’s 4+1 program. 

By Angela Nicoletti
Senior Writer, Office of Media Relations