Chadesh Persaud

Degree: Master of Business Administration

College/School: College of Business

The son of Guyanese immigrants, Chadesh Persaud was born in Queens, New York. After his father, a Wall Street veteran and respected Hindu priest, suffered trauma while fleeing the World Trade Center rubble, Chad’s family moved to Florida.

As a high school student, he helped coordinate a trip back to Guyana to bring supplies to the impoverished. That trip served as a wake-up call, deepening Chad’s appreciation for all he had in the U.S. and cementing his drive to serve others.

Chadesh followed his father’s long family lineage into the Hindu priesthood. Passionate about sharing his culture, he hosted interfaith discussions, organized youth events, and developed a skill in playing the Tabla (Indian drums). In recognition of his accomplishments, Chadesh was invited by President Obama to the first White House Hindu Temple Leaders Conference in November 2014, the youngest of 50 delegates to attend.

Inspired by his family’s passion for education and achievement, Chadesh received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida and became a stockbroker. As he juggled supporting his family and building his career, he researched options for graduate business education, choosing FIU’s online Corporate MBA. Through a nine-month move to Texas to build a startup stockbroker team for Charles Schwab & Co., and back to Orlando, he was able to continue his studies and earn his MBA. 

Chadesh’s goals are to continue to bring people of all faiths together, build his professional credentials, and serve as an advisor and teacher in both faith and financial education.

By Ellen Forman, Associate Director, Marketing and Communications
College of Business