Brian Lugo

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

College/School: Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs

In 2016, Brian Lugo was deployed to Africa as a soldier in the U.S. National Guard. Training time was over. This was the real world. And Brian loved it. 

His unit’s mission was to counteract terrorist influence in Kenya, Somalia and Djibouti and to provide humanitarian aid throughout the region. While in Africa, he earned his qualifications to be a drone pilot and, already an FIU student, he continued his studies online.

After returning to Miami, Brian served in relief efforts during Hurricane Irma. He was one of nine soldiers and three police officers who protected 1,300 people in a Liberty City hurricane shelter. Brian also participated in the clean-up of the Keys.

While at FIU, he was involved in ROTC and enjoyed mentoring newer members, regularly providing guidance and working out with his mentees to help them during physical training. He believes the more he gives to others, the more they will give back.

He also worked as a corrections officer at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, where he participated in numerous community service projects.

Brian says his parents have played a crucial role in his success. Their support, dedication and example – particularly with his mom earning a degree while working – inspire him every day.  

Brian will graduate with a 3.9 GPA. In December, he will begin his service as a commissioned officer of military intelligence in the active duty army.

He plans to pursue a lifelong career in the military.

By Gisela Valencia
Junior Account Manager, Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs