Scott Mills

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

College/School: College of Business

Scott Mills began his FIU studies in 1978 as he worked the overnight shift at a rental car company.

Married with two children, balancing work, family and school became too demanding, and he left FIU to concentrate on his career the following year. With eight moves in 20 years, finishing his education often felt like a distant dream. Yet, he never felt comfortable about stopping his education at a two-year degree, and always remained determined that he would finish his university degree.

He had several stops and starts at college before he had the opportunity to return to FIU, but when he did, he approached his studies with determination and conviction, earning a 3.7 GPA since re-enrolling at FIU.

Scott is now 60 years old and has nine grandchildren. And while he wouldn’t recommend the 38-year plan as the best way to complete a degree, one of his goals is to inspire others to step back, put themselves into the work, engage, and persevere. He also credits his wife and his mom, who asked him every day how his team projects were going—and now wants him to continue on for a master’s degree.

By Ellen Forman
Associate Director, Marketing and Communications, College of Business