Craig McGill

Degree: Ed.D. in Adult Education and Human Resource Development

College/School: School of Education and Human Development, College of Arts, Sciences & Education

Whether they knew it or not, two friends helped set into motion the doctoral journey of Craig McGill simply by asking why academic advisors were needed when so much information is available online.

For his doctoral research, Craig wanted to discover how advisors should work with students. Craig envisions a day when advisors have smaller caseloads and would conduct research as part of their daily duties. The best kind of advisor, Craig learned, is one who is a good ambassador for the university – one who makes students aware of their options and ensures they are challenging themselves.

Pushing him along the way was his dissertation chair, adult education and human resource development professor Tonnette S. Rocco. She ensured that Craig, already wearing the hats of full-time academic advisor, instructor, club advisor and student, would continue his stream of publications. To date, he has published six journal articles and four book chapters.

More than advancing a profession he loves, Craig is fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming Dr. McGill, like his father before him, who was a dentist. Although his father and mother, a third grade teacher, were killed in a car crash years ago, their passion for education continues to influence him.

After commencement, Craig plans to continue advising students in the English department and teaching courses like Queer Cinema, which he created.

By Chrystian Tejedor
Account Manager, College of Arts, Sciences & Education