Britany Ziems

Degree: Master of Business Administration

College/School: College of Business

The environment has been a fundamental part of Britany’s life since the 4th grade when a teacher inspired her students to be catalysts of change. Britany started a recycling program to raise funds to adopt an animal at the zoo. She later led the environmental clubs at Coral Reef and School for Advanced Studies high schools.

A firm believer in how science, the built environment and nature need each other to thrive, Britany was determined to make positive changes and teach South Florida’s residents to improve their quality of life.

She obtained a bachelor’s degree in environmental science at the University of Florida with minors in mass communication, sustainability studies and ethics, plus a certificate in climatology and meteorology.

Just as Britany entered the professional MBA program at FIU, she was promoted to executive director of the non-profit Citizens for a Better South Florida, which provides community-based environmental education, preservation efforts and urban forestry initiatives.

During her time at Citizens for a Better South Florida, Britany has worked on restoring habitats with the City of Miami Parks and Miami-Dade County NEAT Streets projects, implementing the “Right Tree, Right Place” program to promote increased urban tree canopy and planting of native trees, and overseeing an environmental science-focused workshop for students.

Britany has successfully combined her MBA expertise with her love for the environment to expand her career opportunities and continue working in community education and environmental sustainability initiatives. 

By Cynthia Corzo
Assistant Director, Media Relations and Communications, College of Business