Claudia Hernandez

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in History (Honors College)

College/School: Steven J. Green College of International and Public Affairs

Claudia Hernandez first enrolled at FIU intending to become a doctor. Beginning in high school, she had taken honors and advanced classes, had taken part in the Honors & Executive Internship Program, and excelled in her pre-medical studies. Then she found her passion.

While taking a course on the French Revolution, Hernandez found she enjoyed French history – particularly the history and philosophy of French Enlightenment. This led her to the topic of her senior honors thesis, the philosophical ideas of Donatien Alphonse Francois, the Marquis de Sade, the 18th century French aristocrat known for his sexually charged, controversial writings.

While attending FIU, the Havana-born 24 year old has worked long hours in full-time jobs as well as serving in the Army ROTC. She suffers from epilepsy, the detrimental effects of which were exacerbated by long hours and stress — but she persevered.

Hernandez’s mentor Professor Brian Peterson praised her as “one of the best prepared and most intellectually adventurous students whom it has ever been my pleasure to teach.”

Hernandez is currently working on a pamphlet inspired by the works of Rousseau, and plans to travel to France and Austria to see the original manuscripts. After graduation, Hernandez plans to pursue a doctorate degree and a career in academia.