Amirmasoud Hamedi

Degree: Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

College/School: College of Engineering and Computing

Inspired by President John F. Kennedy, Amirmasoud Hamedi has a motto – “Do not ask what science can do for you, but what you can do for the progress of science.”

Amir’s love of science started as a child growing up in Tehran. His family is from Semnan, an Iranian city located near the desert. He would watch the locals drink brackish water, and wanted to solve this problem so they could have fresh drinking water. His father is a doctor, and his mother a civil engineer who works in the water and sewage sector, so he learned early on about serving people and their communities to improve their quality of life.

After obtaining both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering in Iran, he came to FIU. His research focuses on improving the management of manmade structures that are used in open channels and canals to regulate water flow and drainage. He wants to minimize the disruption to the ecosystem and surrounding wildlife.

His work has been published in eight journals, and he has presented another five articles at international conferences. The recipient of a Doctoral Evidence Acquisition Fellowship and Dissertation Year Fellowship, both from FIU, he was mentored by Professor Hector Fuentes. After graduation, he hopes to secure a research position at a university in the U.S. 

By Millie Acebal