Alexandra Millet

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Recreational Therapy

School: School of Education and Human Development

College: College of Arts, Sciences, & Education

At the tender age of 14 Alexandra Millet resolved to find a career where she could help people with disabilities.

While volunteering for Shake-A-Leg Miami, Alexandra met a 5-year-old boy who couldn’t walk. Her emotions gave way to sadness until the boy told her: “You’re sad because you’re thinking of how bad it would be if you couldn’t use your legs. I’m not sad. I’ve never been able to use my legs – I don’t know what that’s like.”

Alexandra helped the boy use a kayak that day. She found her calling. In the years that followed, Alexandra researched her career options and decided to pursue a recreational therapy degree at FIU. She would also become close friends with Raquel Cruz, a Gulf War veteran who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. The two would later go on to become partners in creating Blues for Vets, a non-profit dedicated to training large-breed dogs like American Bulldogs or pit bulls to serve as service dogs for veterans like Cruz.

Alexandra is thankful for her family and friends, her advisor Sophonie Joseph-Laurore, and her mentors, professors Cari Autry and Alexis McKenney, for encouraging her on her journey.

After commencement, Alexandra will pursue a master’s degree in occupational therapy at FIU and will continue serving as vice president of Blues for Vets.

By Chrystian Tejedor