Grad Gear

There's no better feeling than moving that tassel from right to left of your cap as you stand with your fellow graduates. You’ll want to have all the right regalia as you walk across stage and take your all your graduation pictures.

There's a few things you can purchase with your cap and gown to show off your college pride:

  • FIU class ring from Herff Jones
  • Grad Gift
  • Panther Pride Pass (season tickets to FIU home games)
  • Diploma frame
  • Commencement Announcements


Purchase Grad Gear In Person

You can buy all of your gear at the FIU Barnes & Nobles bookstore. You may contact the store at 305-348-2691.

For undergraduate and graduate students, the best place to pick up all your regalia is at Commencement Fair where you can get discounted prices, a free formal graduation photo and free food.

Grad Gear will be readily available for you to purchase onsite.

Attend Commencement Fair

Purchase Grad Gear Online

FIU cap and gown ordering websites are now live at

The last day to order your Cap and Gown is July 1. If you order your Cap and Gown online, it will be delivered to your shipping address and not to the bookstore. 

All orders ship within 21 days.

Choosing Your Regalia

1. Pick Your Pack

The bachelor's cap and gown is blue and the master's and specialist's cap and gowns are black. The tassel, which is attached to the cap, is to be placed on the right side of your cap. Tassel color varies by your degree. All caps and gowns are made of 100% recycled materials.

Platinum Pack

Cap, Gown, Year Date Tassel, FIU Stole of Gratitude, Souvenir Tassel, Diploma Cover, Commencement Announcements with Ceremony Insert (Pack of 10), Official Class FIU Degree Frame, Grad Gift for Student Emergency Aid
Price: $335.96

Gold Pack

Cap, Gown, Year Date Tassel, FIU Stole of Gratitude, Souvenir Tassel, Diploma Cover, Commencement Announcements with Ceremony Insert (Pack of 10), Grad Gift for Student Emergency Aid
Price: $151.96

Blue Pack

Cap, Gown, Year Date Tassel, FIU Stole of Gratitude, Souvenir Tassel, Grad Gift for Student Emergency Aid
Price: $110.98

Panther Pack

Cap, Gown, Year Date Tassel, FIU Stole of Gratitude, Grad Gift for Student Emergency Aid
Price: $97.99

Grad Pack

Cap, Gown, Year Date Tassel, Grad Gift for Student Emergency Aid
Price: $67.00

Pack Add-Ons

Honor Cord - $17.99 
Diploma Cover - $15.99 
Custom Souvenir Tassel (not allowed to wear at commencement) - $12.99 
Grad Gift for Student Emergency Aid and Cap - $25.00 
FIU Commencement Announcements w/ Ceremony Inserts (pack of 10) - $24.99 
FIU Stole of Gratitude (not allowed to wear at commencement) - $30.99 
Cap, Gown & Tassel - $62.00 
1st Generation Stole (allowed to wear at commencement) - $30.99 

2. Find Your Year Date Tassel Colors

Architecture - Blue Violet
Art Education - Light Blue
Arts and Sciences - White
Business - Drab
Communication Arts - Crimson
Criminal Justice - Peacock Blue
Doctoral Candidates - Gold
Economics - Copper
Education - Light Blue
Engineering and Computer Science - Orange
Fine Arts - White
Health Sciences - Green

All Master Candidates wear a hood with a matching tassel color.

Health Service Administration - Green
Honors - Gold
Hospitality and Tourism Management - Navy Blue
International and Public Affairs - White
Mass Communication - Crimson
Music - Pink
Nursing - Apricot
Physician Assistant - Green
Public Administration - Peacock Blue
Public Health - Salmon
Social Work - Citron
Other - White

3. Find Your Hood (Doctoral Candidates Only)

All Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) candidates – Navy Blue
Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) candidates – Light Blue
Doctoral of Physical Therapy (DPT) candidates – Teal
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) candidates – Apricot
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) candidates – Green 
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) candidates – Drab

All doctoral tassels are gold.

4. Find Any Special Adornments

Academic Honor Cords

The FIU Bookstore maintains a list of undergraduate students who, at the time that they applied for graduation, achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher and who, when counting current term enrollment, will have earned at least 40 credits hours from FIU in which grade points are received. Students who meet these criteria will be allowed to purchase an honor cord to be worn over their regalia during Commencement. If you believe that we inadvertently omitted your name from the list, please contact the Office of the Registrar. Please note that students with “exceptions to walk” will not be eligible for honor cords.

There are three available cords:

  • GPA 3.5 - 3.699 – Cum Laude white cord
  • GPA 3.7 - 3.899 – Magna Cum Laude silver cord
  • GPA 3.9 - 4.0 – Summa Cum Laude gold cord

Academic Honors Society Stoles and Medallions
Students who are members of certain honors societies may be able to wear adornments specific to that society. Contact your honor society for find out if they offer academic stoles or medallions. These items are not for sale at the FIU Barnes & Noble bookstore.

1st Generation Stole

The "1st Generation" stole is significant for those who are the first in their family to graduate from a college or university. It is worn over the academic gown during graduation ceremonies, serving as a visual representation of the student's historic accomplishment and connection to their family and community.

Stole of Gratitude
The stole of gratitude is a gift of thanks graduates can give to any individuals who provided them with extraordinary support throughout his or her college career. The stole is meant to be worn by the individual, not the graduate, during the ceremony.

Any other non-academic stoles, cords, medallions or other adornments are not permitted. Altering of academic gowns is also not permitted, and will not be allowed to enter the Convocation Center.

Decorating Caps

As per ceremony tradition, the decorating of caps IS allowed, and highly encouraged. 

Elevate your caps with family - friendly flair and make your celebration unforgettable. 

Enhancing caps with age - appropriate embellishments.

Unlease your creativity and adorn your caps to celebrate your achievements!

NO tossing is allowed.

5. Plan your Outfit

Read the dress code in Policy & Security when planning what to wear underneath your regalia for commencement. We ask that graduates bring their cap and gown in hand and put it on only after they enter the arena and clear security. No one will be allowed to enter the arena wearing regalia.