Pass & Tickets

Commencement Pass

What’s the pass for?
The commencement pass is your ticket to the ceremony and will grant you access to the Ocean Bank Convocation Center. It also contains a unique bar code which enables us to display your name on large screens (so please do not fold it, put it through the washer, or have your dog chew on it!)

How do I order my pass?
By confirming your attendance at commencement via Step-by-step ordering info is posted below under READY, SET, GO!

How do I obtain my pass?
You must pick up your pass in person during one of our Commencement Fairs. Please bring your photo ID (driver’s license, FIU OneCard etc.) to claim it.

What if I cannot pick up my pass in person?
Someone else may pick up your pass for you. To claim your pass, that person must provide a letter of authorization from you and a copy of your ID number along with a copy of his/her own ID.

Guest tickets

How many do I get?
You will receive two (2) complimentary guest tickets. You may purchase an additional five (5) guest tickets at $7.00 each for a total of seven (7) guest tickets. One ticket per guest. Each ticket carries a unique bar code which will be scanned at the entrance.

How do I obtain my electronic guest tickets?
You order your electronic guest tickets together with your pass online through Follow the READY, SET, GO! below. Tickets are e-tickets that will be posted as a PDF file to your Print the tickets or simply e-mail them to your guests before the event.

How do I pay for electronic guest tickets?
Payment is accepted by debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover).

Does a 5-month old baby need a ticket?
. Fire Marshall regulations require every guest, including children of any age, to have a ticket for entry to the Ocean Bank Convocation Center. So even a baby that could sit on someone’s lap must have a ticket. Strollers are permitted in the arena, however, they must be checked-in upon arrival in the main lobby. Please see a lobby manager for assistance.

What else should I know?
Please take note of our Payment and Refund Policy and Internet Privacy Policy. Visit the general information page.

READY, SET, GO – How to Get Your Pass & Tickets

Bachelor’s, Master’s and Specialist Candidates:

The online system to register for Summer 2017 commencement ceremony and order guest tickets is currently CLOSED.

Note: tickets will remain accessible for re-printing – follow the above steps.  In, until the day of the ceremony.



Bachelor’s, Master’s and Specialist Candidates

Please check back at a later time for information about picking up your Commencement Pass.


Doctoral Candidates Only

Please contact the University Graduate School office for more information on confirming your participation, receiving your commencement pass and purchasing guest tickets.

UGS Office: 305-348-2455

Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine candidates

March 17th, 2017
C-Fair will be in SASC Building 100 from 8am-10:30am

Fore information, please contact HWCOM Student Affairs at 305-348-0644