Joie Zreibe

Degree: Bachelor of Accounting

College: College of Business

For Joie Zreibe, working hard and knowing herself have been the keys to success. Joie has dyslexia, which makes it difficult for her to read and write. However, by studying twice as hard as the average student, going over material until she understands it, she’s been able to do amazing things both at home in Antigua and at FIU.  

Growing up in Antigua, Joie didn’t always have access to an education system that was tailored to her special needs. However, with support from her parents, she was able to access the help she needed to succeed.   

Her passion for accounting came in high school after taking an accounting class. Falling in love with the subject, she knew she would continue studying accounting and followed her older brothers’ footsteps to tackle higher education at FIU. 

Once she decided to major in accounting, she was told that the program would be too difficult for her and that she would only have two attempts to pass the entrance exam. However, through hard work and the support of her family, Joie passed the exam the first time around. She will earn her degree this fall with a 3.94 GPA. 

Joie will take the next semester off to work as a tax accountant but wants to continue her education and pursue a master’s degree and earn her CPA license. She hopes that being a Real Triumphs Graduate will inspire other students with learning disabilities to aim high and hopes to continue showing the world how individuals with disabilities can achieve amazing things.  

By Elise Gregg 
Editorial Assistant  
College of Business Department of Marketing and Communication