Pass & Guest Tickets

The online system to register for Fall 2023 Commencement Ceremony and order guest tickets opens on Tuesday, October 17, at 12:01AM!

Please note you are not guaranteed a spot until you register.

We highly encourage that students purchase tickets only through your FIU portal. FIU is not liable for tickets purchased through other sources that may not work on your ceremony date. 

Ceremonies are at a limited capacity and tickets are at first come, first served basis.

You can confirm your attendance by registering on your FIU portal between October 17 - November 4.

How to register for your ceremony and order your Guest Tickets:

Step 1: Login to your FIU Portal and select "Academic Records." 


Step 2: On the drop down menu, select "Order Commencement Tickets". 


Step 3: Select your program and confirm your attendance to the commencement ceremony. The selection will be pre-populated for you based on your college. 



Step 4: After confirming your attendance, you may choose to purchase your tickets and select where you will pick up your commencement pass. Please note, you have a total of 5 available tickets. Your commencement pass does not count as a ticket. You do not need a ticket as a graduate. You may claim two for free and purchase a total of 3 additional tickets for $15 each.



Step 5: After you order your tickets, you will be able to view a final confirmation and print your guest tickets. Your pass must be picked up at the Commencement Fairs. 


Re-Print Your Tickets:

Login to your FIU Portal, click Academic Records and select "Print Commencement Tickets" in the drop down menu. 


Commencement Pass and Guest Tickets

Our Fall Commencement Ceremonies will take at the Ocean Bank Convocation Center on our MMC campus from December 10-December 14. 

Commencement Pass

Students (with the exception of PhD/EdD/DBA) will receive their Commencement Pass at the Commencement Fairs. 

The University Graduate School manages passes and commencement details for PhD/EdD/DBA candidates, and will communicate with them directly.

Please check out the Commencement Fair tab for the full schedule. 

As a reminder:

  • Student must pick up their commencement pass during the C-Fair dates
  • The Commencement Pass acts as the ticket for the graduate
  • You will need it for the entry to your ceremony
  • We are unable to email you your Commencement Pass
  • Make sure you have confirmed your attendance prior to attending C-Fair

Guest Tickets

Each graduate will be eligible to select up to 2 complimentary tickets and purchase up to 3 additional guest tickets for $15 each, for a total of 5 tickets.  A ticket is needed for every individual regardless of age (babies, toddlers and small children still need a ticket).

It is important to note that all registrations and ticket transactions are final. 

Guest tickets are only accessible through your MyFIU portal. These are not distributed at C-Fairs.

  • If you haven’t obtained ALL 5 guest tickets and choose to purchase your remaining ones, you can still do so during the registration period.
    • After the registration period ENDS you will still be able to purchase tickets sold at the box office on a first-come, first-served basis, while available on the day of the ceremony. However, tickets are limited.
    • Please keep in mind there is a possibility for ceremonies to be sold out and not have ANY available tickets on the day of the ceremony.  
    • If your ceremony did not sell out, then the day of your ceremony the box office will sell additional tickets on a first come, first served basis. Tickets are $15 each and are CASH only. Please note, there may or may not be tickets available. Tickets are downloaded and printed through your FIU portal. Every single body attending must have a ticket, regardless of age.

We look forward to celebrating you at all of our Commencement Events this semester!


The Commencement Team