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Nominate A Worlds Ahead Graduate

Each commencement ceremony, we take time to honor select individuals for their achievements and service in the name of FIU. Faculty are encouraged to nominate anyone they believe is deserving of recognition.

Faculty members may nominate any student attending commencement as a Worlds Ahead Graduate. The graduates will be personally honored during the ceremony.

See Past Worlds Ahead Graduates

What makes a graduate Worlds Ahead?

Examples of a Worlds Ahead Graduate are:

  • Brilliant grads who went above and beyond their educational requirement to participate in groundbreaking research or projects
  • Entrepreneurial grads who have started their own business, launched their own product or otherwise innovated in the business world
  • Acclaimed grads who have earned special recognition for their work or service
  • Giving grads who put their skills to good use to solve real-world problems
  • Tenacious grads who endured hardship or struggles to get where they are today

Worlds Ahead Graduate nominations are now closed.